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The Story of Miracle 10 Skincare

…because it is simply too good a secret to keep!  

Miracle 10 Cosmetics, launched in 2005, is an independent Canadian skincare company offering a clinically-advanced, cutting edge skincare line that incorporates proprietary formulations in maximum active concentrations. Calibrated just below what is considered “medical grade”, the Miracle 10 skincare delivers highly effective results without the need for down time, helping people look their absolute best.


Our Unique Philosophy: 

The skin is the body’s largest organ and just like any other organ, it needs to be gently exercised in order
to look its radiant best. When we exercise our muscles we stay lean, strong and healthy. When we exercise our skin, we challenge it to renew itself – slowing and reversing the signs of aging, healing acne, and conditioning the skin to bind moisture and achieve pH balance.

How Are We Different:

10 hours – Noticeable results in smoothness and clarity

10 days – Discoloration and dullness is visibly improved

10 weeks – Appearance of wrinkles  and pore size diminished

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